Semper Fi Press will assist you in making your book a success.  Some of the services that are offered are in-house, some are sent out to others more suited for your needs.

EDITING:  Editing cannot be stressed enough as an absolute requirement for any work.  One lesson that has to be taken to heart is that authors, even the most established authors, cannot self-edit. Semper Fi Press offers reasonably- priced copy and content editing.  We also can get your work in front of well-qualified editors who have years of experience in the publishing field. 

COVERS:  A good cover is the billboard that begins the buying process.  The greatest book in the world will not sell if the cover does not catch the prospective reader's attention.  While not expert graphic designers, we can either create covers or send them out to experts in graphic design. We can also take a front cover and covert it to a full cover as required for print as per the requirements of CreateSpace.

FORMATTING:  With all the various e-book formats, formatting a book from a Word .doc can be confusing and time-consuming.  We can do all conversions for you so your book is ready to upload.  For print, we work with CreateSpace, and we can assist you with that as well.

MARKETING:  Marketing is the key to success with any book.  Semper Fi Press will list your book for free on this website as well as get it out there to as many avenues as possible.  We will also give advice as to other steps you can take from having your own website to guest blogging to tweeting. 

The bottom line is that we are here to help you make your book a success.  We believe that by banding together, all of us will have more success than by taking on the masses alone.

EDITORS, PROOFREADERS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS:  If you would like to offer your services to us, please send an e-mail.  If approved, you will be listed as a trusted source for our authors.